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Beauty Sessions

Classic facials beauty sxm

Our beautician take care of all your beauty needs while you are here.


Highly dedicated to their work and offering a wide range

of beauty treatments using the organic professional product line. 

Classic Facials

For men or women, using organic products this full facial, consists of a full cleanse with skin warming techniques, exfoliation, mask, tonic, facial massage

and moisturizer. 

Asian Facials 

For men or women using minute home made organic products, this full asian style facial consist of a cleanse, exfoliation, mask, japanese facial massage, tonic and moisturizer. We will treat of your face, bust, hands and feet. 


Classic french manicure and polish or vibrant colors. Incorporates relaxing hand massage ans leaves you with elegant soft and smooth hands.

Manicure beauty sxm
Body scub ans shea butter moisturize neauty sxm


Again, classic or vibrant colors, incorporating a foot scrub and foot massage to revive your tired feet. Happy feet leave happy footprints. 

Body Scrub and Shea Butter Moisturize

A perfect start to your vacation, your skin will feel soft and smooth, revealing fresh polished skin ready for the sunshine. 

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