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Yoga & Pilates

Yoga sessions sxm

Yoga Sessions

The postures are learned in stages. ThIs allows for gradual assimilation of the ungerlying techniques, which are gradually built up from the foundation to constitute the whole. 

The postures are entered in specific steps. Each step is synchronized with inhalation and exhalation. The number of steps depends on the proficiency of the student. The more capable the less steps. 

The postures are introduced gradually, either linked in groups or individually. This is done according to their accessibility and effect, so that they prepare the ground for each other in accessible sequences. This allows the body to open without strain or exhaustion and the mind to open without resistance. 

The posture sequences are also introduced sequentially according to their accessibility and effect. Again each one prepares for the one that follows, so that the student is empowered gradually, safely and effectively. 

Pilates Sessions

Strenghten your body in an even way, with particular emphasis on core strength to improve general fitness and wellbeing. Matwork class leads you though gentle yet challenging movements on a mat, bringing attention to flow and precision of movement. Classes are performed with or without equipment such as magic circles, foam rollers, stretch bands, gym balls… These add proprioceptive feedback, chal-lenging your overall body balance or strength to find a deeper and integrated connection

Pilates sessions sxm
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